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Creating your store does not require special knowledge in development, systems or engineering.
It reaches more people and facilitates the sales process so that your business grows quickly.
Manages the payments of your clients through different methods and platforms, there are no extra commissions on our part, whether online payments, banking or cash.
If you are a wholesale supplier, you have multiple cost lines for different types of customers, you can manage an unlimited number of cost lines.
Customize the look and feel of your online store, choose a theme and change the colors and labels to suit your business.
You can start with a very basic basic plan and add components to make your store more robust or migrate to a dedicated service.
You can manage your orders, products, promotions, payment methods and all stuff quickly and efficiently.
You can integrate your store to different platforms like Facebook to reach millions of users, your blog or from the email.
Save time and money by managing your inventory from the cloud, configure alerts when the stock number decreases. Select the type of inventory of each product.
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